Announcing: the EthCC Week 2021 🇫🇷

Nathan Sexer
3 min readJun 15, 2021


We, at Ethereum-France, are glad to host a blockchain week full of hackathons, drinks, meetups, conferences, parties.. around, organized by YOU, our beloved community.

EthCC Week 2021 is back on 19–25 July 2021 in Paris 🙌

🥖 Bring Your Bagueth to EthCC Week🥖

EthCC Week 2021

After the Community Blockchain Week (2019) and the France Blockchain Week (2020), we are glad to welcome everyone at the EthCC Week 2021 around EthCC!

This is the EthCC Week, a moment of inclusive conversations, educational gatherings, welcoming celebrations:

EthCC Week will take place in Paris around EthCC, 19–25th of July 2021.

Ethereum-France is glad to kickstart this community-led initiative once again. Everyone is welcome to apply and host events around EthCC. The goal is to gather all the brightest minds of the ecosystem around our flagship event of this year being once again [EthCC], happening on July 20–22.

Galaxy brains do not all fit in one venue. A whole city and a full week aren’t barely enough to contain them all 🧠

EthCC received an unprecedented amount of applications this year, so we could not host everyone at our main conference... Hopefully, the EthCC Week will give plenty of opportunities to host and attend any kind of events to enjoy the community while in Paris!

It aims to focus on technological & community aspects of *any* blockchain: everyone is welcome. Feel free to talk about Ethereum, but not only. We are very inclusive.

This is no Miami. 🧸

Register your event

If you’re planning an event related to public blockchains and the decentralized movement, register your own by filling up this form or submitting a new issue on our public github repository.

Register your own event on, make sure you follow @EthCCWeek & @EthCC on Twitter and join our EthCC Telegram Channel:

Please be respectful of other events and minimize overlap.
Hurry up if you wanna secure your spot!

➡️ ⬅️

EthCC Week, by Ethereum-France

Ethereum-France is glad to host two main events:
  • 🍾 EthCC Official AfterParty, sponsored by Ledger on Thursday 🍾

COVID Restrictions

We invite you all to follow French Government’s official measures, which vary depending on the country you’re coming from:

Conditions are getting better and restrictions are being slowly relieved but we are still living a worldwide sanitary crisis. Please make sure you follow protocols and behave responsively. ☣️

Make sure you register to all these events and follow us on social media (@EthccWeek & @Ethcc) + Telegram, to stay updated!

We cannot wait to see you all in Paris ♥︎



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