the Community Blockchain Week 2019 || 4-10th of March 2019 in Paris

Nathan Sexer
4 min readJan 21, 2019

After a soft-launch a couple of weeks ago by jerome de tychey, it is now more than official: the Community Blockchain Week is live! It is a blockchain agnostic and tech-focused initiative organized voluntarily by the community, for the community. It is happening in Paris on the 4–10th of March 2019.

After similar events occurred all over the world (in San Francisco, Berlin, Prague…), the French community (through associations such as Asseth, CryptoFr, la Chaintech & others) will develop its own edition in France. The goal is to gather all the brightest minds and latest improvements of the ecosystem, with the flagship event in 2019 being [EthCC].

It aims to focus on technological aspects of *any* blockchain but everyone is welcome. Anyone can either attend to the listed events, workshops, meetups, hackathons, conferences and parties during the week, or register their own.
Disclaimer: only obvious scammy projects and ICO promoting events will be filtered. Many more events are expected to be listed.

Register your own event on, make sure you follow @ComBlockWeek & Asseth and check out our Paris Crypto-guide for crypto friendly side-events and tips to enjoy your time in the capital.

Why a Community Blockchain Week?

The Community Blockchain Week aims to bring blockchain communities together to foster interactions and communications within and around them.

Divergences of vision and ideologies often split up communities — in blockchain, we call it “crypto tribalism”. It is extremely virulent in the crypto sphere since people have economic incentives tied to their tribes. On one hand, we can argue that schisms and discrepancies can be healthy for competition within communities. Indeed, adepts of a community have interests to defend it and even promote it. But on the other hand, the emergence of multiple blockchains fanatics diluted the once united blockchain faction into a myriad of small ones, which are all fighting against each other to prove that their technology/ecosystem/values are better than the other.

The goal of the Community Blockchain Week is to remind crypto communities that they are working towards common objectives [ie. decentralization, privacy, freedom]. The ecosystem remains largely siloed with strong oppositions against each other (not always healthy ones): last years looked more like a massive crusade than a healthy market. Our goal is to offer a truce to make everyone exchange on a common ground and hopefully narrow discrepancies by gathering people from all horizons.

Events of Community Blockchain Week

A few events have already been registered (register yours), we are expecting many more to come:

The Ethereum Community Conference is the biggest conference on Ethereum after DevCon. Halfway between DevCon4 and DevCon5, EthCC is the perfect place to mingle with the brightest minds of the community. This conference puts a strong focus on tech and people.

Part of ETH Global hackathon series, and after taking place in the US, India, Argentina and Germany, the 6th Hackathon of ETH Global is finally coming to France. ETH Paris is committed to inclusion, diversity, education, and above all, to the Ethereum Community improvement.

Conference, workshops and hackathon about law and blockchain technologies.

Many more to come…

Venues of Community Blockchain Week

Host an event and register your venue to be listed below:

EthCC 2018

The Conservatoire Nationale des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) will host EthCC. At the center of Paris, CNAM features 4 massive amphitheatres, workshop rooms and… a church.

Founded in 2014 in Paris, Coinhouse (formerly La Maison du Bitcoin) is a pioneer in cryptoassets investments. Both an online platform and a brick-and-mortar location, they are the trusted partner for individuals and institutional investors looking to analyse, acquire, sell, and securely store cryptoassets. Coinhouse currently serves more than 100,000 users from across Europe.

“Le Square Paris” is an association that gathers companies and groups in order to explore the future of work and mobility.

Paris’ ConsenSys hub. ConsenSys is the Leading Blockchain Development Studio in the World. Present in 6 continents, it is counting 1000+ employees and 50+ startups (spokes), the French office is one of its European hub.


Make sure you register to all these events and follow us on social media (ComBlockWeek, Asseth) to stay updated!

We also strongly invite you to have a look at our Crypto-Friendly Paris guide to make the most out of the capital.

See you in Paris ♥︎



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